Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Motivation to get to the gym..

...because it feels SO good to cross that finish line (and it would feel even better if I were faster)!

The training plan...

It's officially up in the office... Here we go.

Monday, June 25, 2012

1/3rd of the way to my goal!


Thank you to EVERYONE who has donated to my The Pink Agenda fundraiser for the New York City Marathon! As of today I am a little over 1/3rd of the way to my fundraising goal! I am so grateful for the generous donations of my friends and family.

If you haven't already, please consider donating to this amazing cause. Breast Cancer impacts us all- let's all work to find a cure!


5 Mile Pride Run

This weekend I headed back out to Central Park for another NYRR race, the Front Runners Pride Run.

It was a LOT of fun because there was a great energy and lots of enthusiastic and brightly dressed runners. It covered my least favorite section of Central Park- the dreaded North- with Harlem Hill featured in the first two miles.

My only goal was this race was to conquer my fear of Harlem Hill, which has been my weak spot in many a races and rides. And I am pleased to report that I ran up every step of that damn thing. It was not what anyone would consider speedy- but I am glad I made it to the top with out my usual walk/bitch&moan breaks. I was also thrilled that there were none of my usual nerves and tummy troubles. Finally, after 4+ years of running races I may have gotten over my pre-race nerves! Thank goodness!

As I crossed the finish line I tried to imagine doing 21 more miles... and while it didn't sound fun, it didn't seem impossible! The "real" running program for the Marathon starts in July and I am looking forward to getting started in earnest.

Long Branch Triathlon

So I survived my second triathlon- and had a lot of fun doing it! It was my first ocean swim (ever!) and I was pretty happy with how it all turned out. I usually get such bad nerves on race day that doing little low key local races like this are super useful for me in building confidence and gaining familiarity with racing. My husband and mother-in-law came to cheer me on- it was awesome to have my own race photographer and cheering section!

Serious "I hope I don't drown face"

Getting ready to get in the water...

I am sure I am thinking- "this seemed like such a good idea when I signed up for it.."

The ocean swim wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it might be. It was very short- only 300 meters, and I think they may have made it even shorter because the ocean was very very choppy.  The best surprise was that the water was not nearly as cold as I thought it would be- thank god for wetsuits and global warming! 

I made it! (And there are even people behind me- score!)

The first transition was great- compared to the crazy uphill distance we had to run in Las Vegas, it was a downright treat for transition to be so close to the beach and the start of the bike leg. I trotted (bike shoes are so awful to run in) off to the road determined to make up some time on the bike. 

Getting on my bike...

Those clipless pedals are tricky! 

Off to catch up with some ladies (and men!) and pass them. 

The bike went very well. It was more-or-less a straight out-and-back race, and very flat- which was ideal for my first race on the new bike. I even got out on the tri bars a bit and realized how much faster it makes you to use them! I did my fair share of passing, including some men who were in the previous heat, and only got passed near the end of the race by some very intense guys who I imagine were doing the long course triathlon. My only problem was that I missed the turn off back to transition and ended up riding a full extra mile before I got back on course. I certainly lost some time there- but oh well. Wish those High School girl volunteers had been more interested in the race than their chatting! 
 Getting the bike back on the rack in T2. 

And off to finish strong with the run. 

I wasn't too happy at this point, but it was way more about being frustrated by missing the turn off on the bike and losing time than it was about the run. My legs felt surprisingly un-brike-like, which was a nice change.
Almost there! Big smile for the camera. 

I didn't have a great run- but it was totally my fault. You cannot wear headphones during triathlons (or atleast you are not supposed to- I saw plenty of people with them!) which is really rough for me since I love to run with music and find a well thought out playlist to be an important part of my race. With out music I get a little bored and am much more likely to take a walk break. This race was pretty small, and I was not in the front of the pack, so a lot of the run was pretty lonely and I didn't run in to very many people. It was lovely on the boadwalk so I tried to enjoy that, but I mainly wanted the race to be over and to take a shower! 

It was great to see my husband as I came up to the finish line, I love when he comes out to cheer for me and take pictures! Over all my time was not awesome, but was a real improvement from last time, especially on the bike and it was a good learning experience. I was horribly nervous in Las Vegas- I mean crazy, shaking, sick to my stomach nervous, and this race I was pretty calm. The more time I can practice race day conditions, the easier I think it will be for me on the important races. I still have a lot of work to do, but I was very pleased with my performance and thrilled to get another tri under my belt! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Tomorrow is my 29th birthday.... and it is only 150 days away from the 2012 NYC Marathon!

(For some reason, when you say it is "over 4 months away" it seems so much further in the distance than 150 days! My training program needs to get a lot more serious!)

Want to get me a birthday present? Donate to my The Pink Agenda fundraiser for the Marathon!

Mom and Me Flashbacks... Part 1

The 80's were awesome. 

(what makes this picture more awesome is that I totally have the belt my Mom is wearing, and may or may not have had occasion to wear it in the last year...long live the 80's!)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My bike is here!

The most exciting box showed up the other day- MY NEW BIKE! It was so much fun to take it to the bike store, get it put together and finally get it out on the road!

First step, put it on the car and get it to Bradley!
The Escape looks GREAT with bikes on top cruising through the streets of the Big Apple. Getting them in the Thule rack is going to take some practice...we may or may not have already broken one...but I am sure we will get there! 
Team Curtiss, cruising down to the Shore...

No pictures of me actually riding the bike yet, its a work in progress. I did go for three nice (short) rides this weekend though. I am not yet able to ride on the aero bars yet, which has the side effect of me not being able to shift gears very efficiently. So I went for a nearly 60 minute ride in the same gear! Tonight I was able to shift the back a bit with one hand, but it wasn't very smooth and I have no ability to shift the front! 

On the way home today there was a little rain in the forecast, so I did a quick fix with some grocery bags to cover my saddle and handlebars. Took a little picture through the sunroof! It did pour down on the drive, so I was glad I did it! 

Hopefully I will get this bike figured out and have some pictures of me looking very cool on my bike very soon! 

Wall Street Run

The lack of posts sadly correlates to the lack of training....opps. Work has been a little crazy and my training hasn't been so great for the month of May, but I have plenty of time left (or so I tell myself!) before my big races, so I am not taking it too hard.

I did however fit in a fun little 3 mile race this past week- the American Heart Association Wall Street Heart Run.

I dashed out of a meeting at work, ran to the Husband's office to change clothes and jetted downtown to Wall Street to run this little guy. I have mixed views on the race- it was in an amazing location in the heart of lower Manhattan and so much fun to run on the streets when the NYRR races are usually in Central Park. On the other hand, the race started over 30 minutes late which was frustrating after I had made such a big point of running out of work early, it was SUPER crowded through out the whole race resulting in a lot of pushing and shoving and I am fairly sure the race ended up being longer than 3 miles. My Garmin hit 3 miles a good 3-400 meters before finish line. My Garmin is not always right, but I tend to believe it this time. 

If my Garmin is to be believed, I ran a 29.17, which, given the crowding issues, isn't too bad. If NYRR is to be believed, I ran a 31.29, which puts me at 10.36/mile. Not exactly breaking world records here. My goal for the summer is to start consistently running sub 9.00 miles. I actually think I do run sub 9 most of the time- but the occasional stopping for water or otherwise really throws the average... 

My first mile went fantastic, about 8:30/mile. My second and third miles got slower- it was a bit warm and I hadn't had anything real to eat in a while and was perhaps a little distracted by the crowds and the sights. Heading in to the finish they routed us onto a very narrow sidewalk, which created a very crowded and slow situation. 

All in all it was a fun event- and should serve as good inspiration to get back to running since my results were not all that inspired. I love the atmosphere of races, even when they don't go as planned, so I am always excited to get to run with a few thousand of my closest friends!