Monday, June 25, 2012

5 Mile Pride Run

This weekend I headed back out to Central Park for another NYRR race, the Front Runners Pride Run.

It was a LOT of fun because there was a great energy and lots of enthusiastic and brightly dressed runners. It covered my least favorite section of Central Park- the dreaded North- with Harlem Hill featured in the first two miles.

My only goal was this race was to conquer my fear of Harlem Hill, which has been my weak spot in many a races and rides. And I am pleased to report that I ran up every step of that damn thing. It was not what anyone would consider speedy- but I am glad I made it to the top with out my usual walk/bitch&moan breaks. I was also thrilled that there were none of my usual nerves and tummy troubles. Finally, after 4+ years of running races I may have gotten over my pre-race nerves! Thank goodness!

As I crossed the finish line I tried to imagine doing 21 more miles... and while it didn't sound fun, it didn't seem impossible! The "real" running program for the Marathon starts in July and I am looking forward to getting started in earnest.

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