Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wall Street Run

The lack of posts sadly correlates to the lack of training....opps. Work has been a little crazy and my training hasn't been so great for the month of May, but I have plenty of time left (or so I tell myself!) before my big races, so I am not taking it too hard.

I did however fit in a fun little 3 mile race this past week- the American Heart Association Wall Street Heart Run.

I dashed out of a meeting at work, ran to the Husband's office to change clothes and jetted downtown to Wall Street to run this little guy. I have mixed views on the race- it was in an amazing location in the heart of lower Manhattan and so much fun to run on the streets when the NYRR races are usually in Central Park. On the other hand, the race started over 30 minutes late which was frustrating after I had made such a big point of running out of work early, it was SUPER crowded through out the whole race resulting in a lot of pushing and shoving and I am fairly sure the race ended up being longer than 3 miles. My Garmin hit 3 miles a good 3-400 meters before finish line. My Garmin is not always right, but I tend to believe it this time. 

If my Garmin is to be believed, I ran a 29.17, which, given the crowding issues, isn't too bad. If NYRR is to be believed, I ran a 31.29, which puts me at 10.36/mile. Not exactly breaking world records here. My goal for the summer is to start consistently running sub 9.00 miles. I actually think I do run sub 9 most of the time- but the occasional stopping for water or otherwise really throws the average... 

My first mile went fantastic, about 8:30/mile. My second and third miles got slower- it was a bit warm and I hadn't had anything real to eat in a while and was perhaps a little distracted by the crowds and the sights. Heading in to the finish they routed us onto a very narrow sidewalk, which created a very crowded and slow situation. 

All in all it was a fun event- and should serve as good inspiration to get back to running since my results were not all that inspired. I love the atmosphere of races, even when they don't go as planned, so I am always excited to get to run with a few thousand of my closest friends! 

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