Sunday, June 3, 2012

My bike is here!

The most exciting box showed up the other day- MY NEW BIKE! It was so much fun to take it to the bike store, get it put together and finally get it out on the road!

First step, put it on the car and get it to Bradley!
The Escape looks GREAT with bikes on top cruising through the streets of the Big Apple. Getting them in the Thule rack is going to take some practice...we may or may not have already broken one...but I am sure we will get there! 
Team Curtiss, cruising down to the Shore...

No pictures of me actually riding the bike yet, its a work in progress. I did go for three nice (short) rides this weekend though. I am not yet able to ride on the aero bars yet, which has the side effect of me not being able to shift gears very efficiently. So I went for a nearly 60 minute ride in the same gear! Tonight I was able to shift the back a bit with one hand, but it wasn't very smooth and I have no ability to shift the front! 

On the way home today there was a little rain in the forecast, so I did a quick fix with some grocery bags to cover my saddle and handlebars. Took a little picture through the sunroof! It did pour down on the drive, so I was glad I did it! 

Hopefully I will get this bike figured out and have some pictures of me looking very cool on my bike very soon! 

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