Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vegas, baby. The Bike

As I sprint (OK- it was more of a jog/shuffle) towards T1, I am thinking to myself "Bike! I can bike! I know how to bike! Thank god that swim is over." Found my transition spot, no problem. Kicked off the wetsuit, no problem. Looked like a maniac while sprinting in bike shoes with my bike, no problem. Actually getting on my bike and clipped in...we have a problem. Luckily it was quickly resolved...and with out expletives (they penalize you for that!)... and I was on to the ride.

I wish I had more exciting stories from the ride- but I don't remember much! I know it was hilllllly. And windy. And that I actually passed people- which was pretty exciting. And that I apparently have a much higher tolerance for downhill speed than most people- but after those crazy slow climbs- I knew if I didn't pedal through the downhills and build some speed, I was never going to finish! I learned an important lesson that I really need to work on climbing because my snail pace uphill really cost me some time. But I know just the hill in Central Park that is going to help with that particular goal.

My favorite bike moment (and only salient moment!) came when I saw B. coming the opposite direction about 1/2 way though. I saw the leader come down the hill on a crazy nice bike, in aero position, aero helmet- full professional set up. Then I saw a few more people similarly geared up coming streaking down the hill. And the next person I saw? B.- on a rental bike, normal helmet- just killing it! 
And then just like that- it was over! Back to transition, and on to the run....

The breakdown:
The good:
Seeing B. in the leader pack- totally gave me a boost to keep on pushing. 
Flying downhill. Breaks are for quitters. 
Passing a very fit lady on a very nice tri bike. Watch out for my rental bike- on. your. left. =) 

The bad:
Getting passed on a climb by an older woman in a swimsuit on a mountain bike. Don't worry, I got her back on the next downhill. 

The ugly:
Nearly wiping out trying to mount my bike/risking getting a penalty because the first word that came to mind was only four letters. 

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