Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vegas, baby.

Who doesn't want to spend a long weekend in Las Vegas with your best friend?

What if it also involves swimming 800m, biking 13 miles and then topping it all of with a big deal right? Just a small inconvenience on the way to the casino =). 

My best friend B. and I decided we both needed a good challenge and, as we have lived on opposite sides of the country from each other for 8+ years, we missed each other and needed a good girl's weekend to catch up! So nothing seemed less normal in the world than to sign up for a triathlon- despite the fact that neither of us knew how to swim and B. didn't even own a bike! We quickly realized we needed help and coaches were hired, bikes-swimsuits-goggles-swim caps, etc. were purchased and we were off...we were going to be triathletes (and then, we were going straight to a poolside cabana)! 

I will not bore you with the details of my two months of training- but we both went from thinking we were going to die after 50m to feeling pretty confident we were not going to drown during the swim. Actually, B. turned out to be a fantastic swimmer! 

And then all of a was race day....!
B. in transition at an ungodly time in the morning. 

Transition mats all set up. 
All ready to go!

To be continued...

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